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Mission & Vision



Growing Deeper in Faith.

Reaching Wider in Love.

Scriptural Background:

“Happy are those. . .(whose) delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law they meditate day and night. They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season and their leaves do not wither. In all that they do, they flourish.”

Psalm 1:1-3 


We envision a vibrant community of believers where faith is contagious and draws people in to love Jesus more deeply because they feel the embrace of Christ’s love for them and observe the power of God to transform lives. 

Vision Story:

We are ordinary people. 

What we do is not complicated. 

What Christ can do through us is profound. 

We grow deeper in faith by: 


Worshiping God with grateful hearts. 

Each time we gather for worship will be a highlight of our week because we experience the profound presence of Christ’s Spirit, which leads us to reach deeper to access the gifts of God and grow in strength. 


Engaging people of all ages in relevant ways with vibrant music and message. 

Our worship is joyful as we offer our gifts to God through creative and diverse forms that engage people of all ages in culturally relevant ways. Worship energizes us for living out our faith through the authentic sharing of our lives and experiences with God as we serve Christ throughout the week and invite others into the community of faith. 


Deepening our faith (in Christ) through study and mentoring. 

Our community is intentional in growing in faith, weaving prayer and the study of God’s word into the fabric of our daily lives. We don’t do this because anyone says we have to, but rather because we want to. We live as people who identify and affirm one another’s spiritual gifts, and we provide opportunities to exercise them, mentoring one another in the faith. Since giftedness has nothing to do with age, we learn from one another across generations. 


Seeking God's will through prayer in all endeavors. 

Since our community is grounded on belief that we are changed when we talk directly to God, we deeply value times for both personal and communal prayer, approaching each of these acts with open hearts, trusting that God will speak God’s will to us in all things. Through prayer, the Holy Spirit shapes and directs our community and life together. 


Growing in hope and love, renewed by the Holy Spirit. 

We regularly facilitate opportunities for people of all ages to discover more about themselves and their relationship to God, and to develop new skills and an awareness of their spiritual gifts, which will enable them to serve God more capably in the world. We envision the church as an incubator for equipping God’s people to serve in fresh and creative ways, led by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.   

We reach wider in love by: 

Expressing Christ’s love through generous hospitality. 

We express Christ’s love to our community and world through generous hospitality and open doors, and by actively responding to the immediate needs of our community and world. We recognize that in welcoming strangers we welcome Christ and that something sacred happens when we sit down together at the table. We want the people of our community to feel at home in our church building and we want our homes to be a place where community is formed. 


Welcoming, serving and celebrating with people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances. 

Our church is a safe place where all people are accepted and embraced as being created in God’s image. We intentionally work toward increasing diversity as a way of honoring Christ’s power to unite all people in love. 


Upholding mutual respect and love as a higher value than our own opinions. 

In our life together, we believe that nurturing a community grounded in respect and love is more important than asserting our own personal opinions. Therefore we listen deeply to one another and keep our love for each other at the forefront of our conversations, decisions and disagreements. 


Living out our faith in community with one another. 

We embrace intentional smaller communities where we are honest about our lives, our thoughts, and our struggles, and where we continually reaffirm to one another God’s faithfulness and God’s grace. 

Walking with love and wisdom beside those facing challenges. 

Following the compassion modeled to us through the life and ministry of Jesus, we come alongside our brothers and sisters when they are walking a troubled path, pouring out our love and empathy and offering our own life wisdom as an encouragement along their journey. 


Using our gifts and resources to express God’s love to our community and beyond. 

We are people who take risks for Christ, daring to trust that wherever God calls us, God will also equip us with the resources we need to accomplish God’s work. Living an authentic faith means trusting that God’s Holy Spirit is at work expanding the circle of our reach, enabling us to be a powerful witness of Christ’s love. 


Working with hopeful hearts for justice and understanding in a troubled world. 

Since serving our community and our world is both our legacy and our future, we commit to identifying ways to bring good news to the poor and freedom to the oppressed through concrete ministries which bring hope to those who most need it. 

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